About Us.

The Hack Embassy brings together the brightest minds and empowers them to solve sustainability challenges. We provide them with the resources necessary to tackle the 17 Global Goals set by the UN.

What do we do?

Hack Embassy organizes Innovation summit that brings together hundreds of people from all over Pakistan to develop creative solutions to the world’s most critical challenges, building lasting global friendships & networks around the UN SDGs.

Team Work.

Find the world's most dedicated, passionate, and driven aspiring world-changers with the vision to transform the world by the year 2030

Expert Mentoring.

Spend 48 hours working together to develop solutions to the world's most critical challenges.

On Going Support.

Support winning ideas with ongoing support, ensuring that the most innovative and viable ideas actually transform the problems they set out to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hackathon?

A Hackathon is an immersive event in which people step out of their comfort zone, working by themselves or with others, to break down a problem. Hackathons come in all shapes and sizes. They’re really popular in the gaming/tech community. They’re excellent learning experiences, and help walk you through the processes that come alongside solving problems.

Do I need an idea to come to our events?

Nope! Some Hackathons require that you come to the event with an idea in mind. We ain’t doing it that way. When the Hackathon begins, you’ll receive information with your prompt – and part of the Hackathon process is coming up with an idea while you’re there. All you need to bring to the Hackathon is an energised spirit and willingness to learn.

What do I create when I'm there?

We’ll explain everything on the day. You’ll more or less come up with a business or project idea based on the scenario we give you. Your team will come up with an Action Plan, and provide us with documentation showing that you’ve thought through how you’ll implement that Action Plan. But have faith 🙂

Do I have to know how to code?

NO! While we do occasionally use the word “hackathon” to describe our events, there is very little coding or hacking involved. This is an ideas-based hackathon, not a technology-based hackathon.

Our Team.

Our team and staff is presented here, we do what we love,
Who we are, what we do and our social networks, connect with us.

Durlabh Ashok

Executive Director

Ayesha Imtiaz

Communications Director

Fahim Ismail

Director of Operations

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